EDITStuff! - Website Content Manager "EDITStuff! is the affordable way to manage your website content"
Wysiwyg Editor - Content Management System - You Save Money!
Changing the way you to maintain your content on existing web pages.

What is EDITStuff?
EDITStuff.com is an online service that offers website owners, designers and webmasters the ability to edit their website content through a web browser. There is no software to buy or install and you can use it from any PC with Internet Explorer and a connection to the Internet.

Screen Captures
See it in action: 1) Page Login   2)  Edit Mode
Host it Works
You can edit your website content from any PC with IE and a website connection. You can make changes and adjustments to webpage content without altering the general appearance and layout of the web site design. Easily add links to other websites, when applicable.

What is WYSIWYG?
What you see is what you get. Powerful but simple.

Advantages over Traditional Web Management
 • You can edit 24/7 for one low monthly fee*
 • No software to buy or download on your computer!
 • Takes seconds to save real-time changes, so users see updates instantly!
 • Cheaper to use than purchasing expensive programs & software updates
 • Perfect for small to medium sized business websites or e-projects
 • Tell us how you use EDITStuff.com and we'll share it when others ask us...

Popular Uses
 • Great for updating webpage news sites or news pages
 • Adding new services to your business website
 • Personal web logging without the restriction of a blogging-only tool
 • Work from the road and don't miss a beat*
 • Simple site maintenance

Why Choose EDITStuff.com?
It is simple to learn and has an easy-to-use interface.
Maintaining your webpage text and can save you money spent on delegating maintenance to employees or costly web design services. And you need no knowledge of HTML, cgi, or scripting to maintain or create highly interactive websites. Above all, FRESH CONTENT SELLS!

Great Support!
Support Includes Online Guide and Downloadable PDF Manual

Just in case you're curious, you can't have anyone else handle hosting - we have to do it. The reason we do this is so that we can keep your site updated with the most current features, as well as give you the best level of support.

Please keep in mind that this is not a website builder.
It is for managing existing website pages and content.
Affordable Website Solution
$500 Value
$299 License/Installation**
$10 Monthly (one site/domain only)
$5 Per Edit Block (site modification)
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Call To Order +1 (316) 831-9954
More than just a wysiwyg editor
 • Single-user website touchup
 • Edit regions for easy management
 • Corporate website manager
More than a content manager
Easy As Pie!
If you are familiar with the MSWord word processor, you will instantly feel at home with EDITStuff!
Content Management
Save time by doing it yourself! Manage page text and more with a few simple steps.
Login From Your Pages
Users can login directly from the web pages with EDITStuff installed on them, instead of through the traditional login page.
Block Editing
Marked areas of a page allow for editing, or to not allow editing. This helps keep web design in tact.
For Web DesignersNEW
If you are a web designer offering the freedom of site maintenance to your client, you'll love EditBlocks - you get to decide what parts of a page are editable!
Browser Compatibility - Get IE
EDITStuff is not supported by the Firefox Web Browser at this time.
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*Monthly fee does not include license/install and site modification fees. Internet access and a compatible Internet Browser is required.
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